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It was a great sunny day, on Sunday the 02.25.2018, as we were unaware of what was about to happen.

Mr. Ziegler invited us, during breakfast, in his bavarian dialect: “Guys, who wants to go cross-country skiing with me and my daughter?“

Ana vic, Sophie, Patricio and me volunteered immediately.

Soon we got going to „Ruhpolding“ 
 First of all we rented some cross-country skiing equipment.

Finally in the trail, we got the hang of it quickly. After one hour of exhaustion and lots of laughter, we took a break in a cozy „Alm“.

After our nice little break we got back in the track. It was very beautiful, the sun, the winter wonderland, just everything! Great!

Natalia Cantu 



Wed, 28. February 2018